The Secret To getting your Credit Score Above 750

I show you how to leverage business and personal credit to build multiple income streams and live a life you don’t need a vacation. By the way, The Business Credit from Scratch Course is 50% off right now. Click HERE to get started today!

So you’ve tried to increase your personal credit score for years.

You’ve seen the screenshots of a 750 credit score on other people’s profiles, but you haven’t been able to do that for yourself. Heck, you can’t even get out of the 600s. 

Every time you achieve your goal, something happens, and you end up back where you started. 

Not this time.

This time you’re armed with the same tips, tricks, and secrets my clients and I used to get our scores over 750. So give these tips a try and see if they don’t work for you too…

Tip 1: Paid Off Credit Cards – This is the best way to increase your credit score. Paying them off is the best practice. If you can’t pay them off, do the snowball effect and pay off the smallest balance and work your way up. Another method is to pay down your credit cards to 10% of the credit limit. All of these methods will help boost your score significantly.  

Tip 2: Have a Good Credit Mix– You need credit cards to get a score above 750. Also, getting a personal loan and auto loan with a positive payment history help as well. If you have a mortgage, that’s even better. I know the world tries to convince us that debt is a bad thing. If the debt has a purpose and you are utilizing it to generate income, then it works in your favor. Having a good personal score opens the door for opportunity. 

Tip 3: Pay Credit Cards and Loan Payments Twice a Month. This not only helps you to pay down the debt faster, but it helps you not to miss a payment either. Pay them once at the beginning of the month and three days before the due date. 

Bonus Tip: If you have a larger payment, such as a mortgage, you can pay half on the 15th and the other half at the end of the month. Be sure to check with your bank before making half payments on mortgages. Some banks don’t allow this unless you are one payment ahead. 

Tip 4: Remove Negative Items From Credit Profile– Luckily, if you have medical bills, some of those will be removed automatically this year. However, other things can be removed with a collections letter or negotiation to pay to delete. Get a copy of the collections letter I used to remove numerous items from my report HERE. Pay what you want for the letter.

Tip 5: Ask For a Credit Increase-. Sometimes, if you pay off the balance, the company will automatically increase your limit. If not, I would call and ask them. Do not allow them to run your credit to do this. You don’t want another inquiry. 

In sum, increasing your credit score is simple when you apply the above 5 tips and others I mention in my Credit Hacks Blueprint Ebook. It’s a quick read! And the quickest way to increase your score. It’s only $7 today!

Finally, remember that life happens. However, we don’t wait for it to fix itself. We are intentional about putting the pieces back together. 

The road to millionaire status is this way. Are you coming?

See you at the top! 


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The Jack of all Trades Dilemma

I like to share posts from my author site, This is a good one! I know you’ve heard the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none…..” Someone may have used it to shame you at some point. If so, please keep reading till the end. It will be worth it.

The Jack of All Trades Dilemma

A friend of mine posted a video that changed my view about this quote. I know you’ve heard the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none…..” Someone may have used it to shame you at some point. If so, please keep reading till the end. It will be worth it.

Over the years, I’ve allowed certain people to make me feel that trying new things and changing my career was bad. Who can relate? Honestly, I have changed career paths frequently in the last few years and have even struggled to figure out what I truly want to do. If I’m honest, I was a little embarrassed about all the avenues I’ve tried and failed at, or rather, quit at.
I won’t go down the list. However, this quote has shamed me through it all, “jack of all trades, master of none.” It reminded me I was on track to nowhere if I didn’t figure this thing out soon.

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See you at the top!


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How to Create an Ebook in 5 Simple Steps

First, I am a stickler about not using the word simple. So, if you see me use the word simple, you best believe it is. Ebooks are excellent resources for adding passive income or diving into the book publishing world. If you need more ideas for passive income, check out the post 8 Ways to Create Passive Income With No Money.

There are numerous options for creating and selling your ebook; here is a simple and cost-efficient route. 

  1. Chose your topic. This should be an area of expertise, something people know you for.
  2. Know your target audience– This will help you write and market your ebook. 
  3. Outline your chapters– This is where you decide what you are going to talk about and how you will break it up. I would keep it short and straight to the point and provide real value in whatever you are talking about. 
  4. Design your ebook. You can do this in Word, Powerpoint, and numerous other platforms. I prefer to use Canva for my ebooks. Click here to get a free template. 
  5. Hire a proofreader/beta reader- Have someone read your ebook. As a writer, I know firsthand that we tend to read our words the way we thought we wrote them and can easily overlook grammatical mistakes. 
  6. Find a platform to sell your ebook on. You can sell it on your website, landing page, or a site like, Covertkit, and more. There are endless platforms. (Sign up to start selling on Gumroad HERE)
  7. Get loud about it- you cannot help people if they don’t know your book exists. If you need help with marketing, grab the Marketing Hacks Ebook for 20 ways to market your book workout spending a dime.

Now that you know how to create your ebook, grab your free templates, and let’s go! Still need help with your ebook, click HERE to book a 1:1 call with me today!

See you at the top!


P.S. Ready to take your business to the next level.

Why I Love Being an Entrepreneur

Why I Love Being an Entrepreneur!

I never imagined being a business owner. I wasn’t business savvy, and anything business-related was a turn-off for me. Working for someone else’s company didn’t feel like a “fail” for me, and it still doesn’t, as long as I love what I do and it aligns with my goals. However, things changed in 2020 when my husband and I were laid off a few weeks apart. I made a promise to myself that this would be the last time my family would ever worry about money for generations to come.

So, I started my own business. I went all out with it too. I hired a business coach, attended business conferences, and traveled for business-related events. I built business credit and used it to leverage more money.
I’m not going to lie; It has been a lot of trial and error, mindset shifts, imposter syndrome, and wondering if I’ve made the right decision. I’ve also contemplated giving up more times than I care to admit.

5 Reasons why I love being an entrepreneur

  • I get to spend more time with my family. I get to attend teacher meetings, school field trips, and activities.
  • I created muliple streams of income for my household. The average millionaire has at least 7 streams of income.
  • I get major tax benefits. I can write off my home office, supplies, meals, business travel & more.
  • I am able to create the life I want to live. I do not want to work Monday through Friday and only have the weekends off. I want to be able to take a vacation anytime I want.
  • It’s mine! It feels good to create something that is solely yours.

I am still learning when it comes to business. Some days I feel like I can keep my head above water; other days, I feel like I’m taking a huge gulp. Nevertheless, I’ve grown so much as a person, and I’ve set my family on a different path. See, I’m breaking generational curses of poverty here. My children will not have to worry about money in their lifetime because I’m setting them up for generational wealth.

Thinking about starting a business? Grab the free profitable business checklist here. It is a step-by-step checklist of what you need to have a legal, profitable business.

See you at the top!

What you Should Know About Passive Income

Have you ever read a post or an article that asked for ideas for passive income; however, when you scrolled the comments, every idea was anything but passive? Or maybe, you’ve tried googling passive income ideas, but again, it was a lot more work than you anticipated.
Well, there are many misconceptions about what true passive income is. Over the next few posts, I will break down what passive income is and provides tools for how to start adding passive income to your quota TODAY.

What quota am I referring to?

I’m so glad you asked.

I don’t know about you, but my goal is to be a millionaire and build generational wealth for my family. You’ve certainly found the right place if that is your goal too. (Click Here for a free profitable Business Checklist) The more I researched millionaire habits, the more I learned that the average millionaire has at least seven income streams. Seven sounds like a lot if you had to dedicate 40 hours a week to each one. However, the majority of the seven streams of income are passive.

So, What is passive income?

According to, passive income is “money you can earn without too much ongoing effort.” Actual passive income is when you no longer exchange time or exchange little time for money.

Here are four things to consider when building passive income streams

  • The upfront work and time investment are often anything but passive. However, once you do the work, you should enjoy the fruit of your labor with minimal maintenance.
  • One stream of passive income doesn’t have to make much money. People tend to overlook the small amounts of income-generating sources.
  • Multiple passive income streams are one of the best ways to generate wealth. After all, who doesn’t want to make money while they sleep?
  • You don’t always have to invest money to get started. There are plenty of ways to build passive income streams with little to no investment. I will give you examples in the next blog post. (Subscribe below to stay up to date)

See you at the top!

Ebby LeBlanc