How to Create an Ebook in 5 Simple Steps

First, I am a stickler about not using the word simple. So, if you see me use the word simple, you best believe it is. Ebooks are excellent resources for adding passive income or diving into the book publishing world. If you need more ideas for passive income, check out the post 8 Ways to Create Passive Income With No Money.

There are numerous options for creating and selling your ebook; here is a simple and cost-efficient route. 

  1. Chose your topic. This should be an area of expertise, something people know you for.
  2. Know your target audience– This will help you write and market your ebook. 
  3. Outline your chapters– This is where you decide what you are going to talk about and how you will break it up. I would keep it short and straight to the point and provide real value in whatever you are talking about. 
  4. Design your ebook. You can do this in Word, Powerpoint, and numerous other platforms. I prefer to use Canva for my ebooks. Click here to get a free template. 
  5. Hire a proofreader/beta reader- Have someone read your ebook. As a writer, I know firsthand that we tend to read our words the way we thought we wrote them and can easily overlook grammatical mistakes. 
  6. Find a platform to sell your ebook on. You can sell it on your website, landing page, or a site like, Covertkit, and more. There are endless platforms. (Sign up to start selling on Gumroad HERE)
  7. Get loud about it- you cannot help people if they don’t know your book exists. If you need help with marketing, grab the Marketing Hacks Ebook for 20 ways to market your book workout spending a dime.

Now that you know how to create your ebook, grab your free templates, and let’s go! Still need help with your ebook, click HERE to book a 1:1 call with me today!

See you at the top!


P.S. Ready to take your business to the next level.


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